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Therapeutic & Social Stories


Stories to share together.

Stories that help to shrink those worries. 

Stories that make your heart happy. 

Stories that help you think differently about things.

Stories to help you feel better.


Comfort the Bear A Story Just for You - Joyce C.Mills

Covibook - Manuela Molina Cruz (a short story & activity booklet to help children to understand Covid-19)

Dave the Dog is Worried About Coronavirus - Molly Watts

Coronavirus: A Book for Children - Elizabeth Jenner, Kate Wilson & Nia Roberts

PIP's Guide to Covid-19: For Early Years Children

Pim - Sue Rogers

Don't Worry Little Bear: A Story to Explain Coronavirus to Children and Reassure them Everything will be Okay - Stacey Kelly

The Humble Mayor of Grumble - Hilary Robinson

Back to School: A Story About Returning to School - ELSA Support