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Design Technology


Design Technology Overview








Year 1

Structures -Houses, Homes, Playgrounds


Creating free standing structures




Mechanisms – Moving Pictures


Creating products with sliders and levers


Food – Fruit Kebabs


Preparing fruit and vegetables for a purpose



Year 2


Mechanisms – Wheels and Axles


Exploring and using mechanisms




Preparing fruit and vegetables – coleslaw


Preparing food safely with an understanding of the need for a

balanced diet


Textiles - Puppets


Exploring a variety of joining techniques and the use of templates




Year 3

Mechanical Systems – Levers and Linkages


Creating mechanisms using systems to create movement

Textiles – 2D shape to 3D product


Experimenting with different materials & a range of techniques to create different effects


Electrical Systems – Torches/Light Up Pictures


Creating functional mechanisms using techniques which require more accuracy.



Year 4

Structures – Bridges


Exploring the key ideas / techniques of architects and designers, beginning to try out in their own work



Healthy and Varied Diet







Year 5

Mechanical Systems - Cams


Exploring more complex mechanical and electrical systems in their work.


Food – Healthy and Varied Diet


Selecting and combining ingredients using a wide range of techniques.

         Frame Structures - Shelters


Making increasingly precise measurements and using strengthening techniques to create frame structures.



Year 6

Food – Celebrating Culture and Seasonality




Mechanisms  - Pulleys or Gears




Textiles – Including Computer Generated Design