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School History

Our school has a very interesting history.


It opened as Lisburn Lane School in 1924. In 1925 the headmistress was Blanche Pearce. In 1928 the school was renamed in honour of William Roscoe, a great man who was born in Liverpool, and who was very closely involved in the abolition of slavery.


Roscoe Infant and Junior Schools have been in the same building since that time. In September 2007 the schools formed a federation and in September 2008 they officially amalgamated to form Roscoe Primary School.


The current buildings have changed a bit – there was unplanned remodelling during World War Two, when Ballantyne Road was hit by a bomb. The photos of the site in 1941 were given to the school by a family living in the area at the time.


More recently, the school has been intentionally remodelled! With new entrances, security and improved accessibility the building is still recognisable from the old photos of Roscoe.


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