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OUR STAFF 2016 - 2017


Executive Headteacher: Mrs. K. Hutchings

Headteacher, Safeguarding Lead and SENCO: Mrs. J. Conqueror

School Business Manager:  Mrs S. Power

Caretaker: Mr T. Dunkerley

Reception and Clerical:  Mrs P. Jones, Mrs L. Dempster

Nursery Teacher and EYFS/KS1 Lead: Miss G. Love 

Butterflies Manager: Ms R. Nolan

Butterflies TAs: Mrs T. Patterson, Miss M. O'Neill

Reception Teacher: Miss L.Lyson

 Year 1 Teacher: Miss E Parkinson

Year 1/ 2 Teachers: Miss R. Cooper (new SENCO), Mrs C. Gillespie

Year 3 Teacher: Miss K. Kenyon

Year 4 Teacher: Mr C. Harwood

Year 4/5 Teacher: Miss E. Castle

Year 5 Teacher: Miss H. Quayle

Year 6 Teacher: Mrs H. Hayes

PPA Teacher: Mr G. Conqueror

Pastoral Lead (Attendance), Sports Coach and Safeguarding Team Member: Mr.J Jones

Higher Level Teaching Assistants: Mrs D Cosgrove, Mrs B Croll

Learning Support Staff:  Mrs V. Steadman, Mrs H. Dever, Mrs N. Radford, Mrs J. McArdle, Mrs R. Fearon, Mrs S. Rimmer, Miss L. Woodward, Mrs K. Hutton, Mrs D. Williams, Miss E. Goulding

Cleaners: Mrs B Carter, Mrs D Dodd, Mrs J Reed, Mrs A Williams

Mid-day Staff: Mrs D Dodd, Mr A Radford, Mrs. J Ryan

Breakfast and After School Club: Mrs D Storey-Bates (Manager), Mrs L Roberts