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Good morning everyone,

I hope you are enjoying your work packs. If you haven't picked it up yet, please phone the school to see when you can. 

I have attached the link below to the lovely online lessons on Oak National Academy.

Hello to all our lovely families! 


Your work packs are available in school for you to pick up. It has 2 weeks worth of fun activities to do with you child to keep them busy and get them ready for year one. Please pass the message on to other parents that you are in contact with. 


You can expect to receive a call from me this week so listen out for the phone! Look forward to speaking soon! 


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Good morning everyone! 


It looks like we are getting better weather this week so that should pick everyone up. 

You should have received a text or email to let you know when you can go to school to pick up your new work packs for the next 2 weeks. If you are not sure, give the school a call. 


I have attached the link for Oak Academy lessons to keep you busy.




Welcome back to all of our families


I hope you are all doing well. I know some of the children are finding it difficult to stay on track and engage with lessons so I wanted to let you know if you would like a chat with me or would like me to say hello to the children on the phone, please get in touch. 


Now that we can go outside more than once each day, please make sure your child is having at least 1 hour of physical activity each day. This will help lift their mood, improve behaviour and help them concentrate on learning activities. 


Here are 50 outdoor activity ideas if you need some inspiration...


Here is the link to this weeks lessons from the wonderful Oak National Academy


Good morning boys, girls, parents & families! 

Welcome to Summer 2! 

If we were in school. We would be starting our topic all about Animals. Your task for this week is to choose your favourite animal, draw it on paper, card or a paper plate and make a mask to use when playing today. Can you move like that animal? Can you make the noise that your animal makes. Can you find out some facts about your animal and write them or draw them?



Your weekly lessons from Oak Academy are attached in the link. Have fun with your learning this week as always, listen carefully and join in where you can. Be good for your adult at home! 


Weekly lessons WB 6th June 2020

Good morning everyone and welcome to week 5 of Summer term.

Can you believe it?! I hope you have been enjoying the online lessons and the pack you received last week! 


Please click the link for this weeks lessons. Work through each day- the days of the week are tabbed on the right hand side.


This week is #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek and our foundation lesson is about 'Feelings' using a lovely story and some breathing. Enjoy!


In your home learning pack, there are some lovely activities at the back from our care corner to try at home. Can you discuss this weeks challenge below and challenge your child to try it?


If you are going for a walk today, try writing a list of things you think you might see and take it with you to tick off as you spot them?

1. tree

2. bird

3. grass

4. car

5. bus

6. shop

7. sun

8. cloud

#funphonics #learningoutside #activelearning

Good morning Reception


School is open Thursday morning 14th from 9 am until 12 noon for someone to collect a 3 week pack of work for the children. 


Please follow the link to this week's lessons.


Let me know if you need any support or guidencce. I am always here. You can email the school on the website to get to me or message me on our class twitter page @roscoeprimary33


Have a lovely week!  

Good morning and welcome to week 3 of Summer Term.


I have put the link below to the main page for the lessons for the week. If you would like me to break these down to each day like I did for the last 2 weeks, please get in touch. This way you can see whats coming in the week and prepare appropriately.

Keep checking on our schools twitter for daily activities and challenges... @roscoeprimary33


In English this week, our story is Little Red Riding Hood.

In Math's this week we are exploring time through 'days of the week', 'Seasons' and short periods of time.

In foundation this week we can have fun talking about celebrating our birthdays.  

Happy Friday! 


In today's lesson you get to make a rainbow from simply a glass of water! How cool! 


You will be finishing writing your story about Goldilocks and the three bears! If you find some words too tricky, just write what sounds you can hear and the adult can write it after to show you. It would MAKE MY WEEK to see any stories you have written. Please send them to me.


In Math's extend your learning today by sharing different objects in your house throughout today and with people at home or your teddies, dolls or toys.



Yeaaaaaa, the sun is trying to come out and say hello today! cool


Today's lessons include writing your Goldilocks story, counting in equal groups in Math's and learning about People who help us and their jobs!


Also check out my twitter page for an Ice and Water Rainbow experiment!! @roscoeprimary33



Pin wheel scones! YES PLEASE!


The scones are made with minimal ingredients and can be made with any jam. The hint of cinnamon also goes so well with the flavours. This recipe is made by melting the butter and then adding the milk which makes it a super quick and simple scone dough. #baking #recipe


Good morning Reception!!


I hope you are getting you're daily exercise. We need Joe Wicks PE sessions and similar videos from youtube even more during these rainy days when when we can't get outside. If the rain stops later...can you go for a walk and jump in some muddy puddles?!!!!


Today's lessons


Literacy, Foundation (rainbow song and dance), Maths and Joe Wicks PE.





Good morning everyone, 


The sun has gone today, but time for some cosy days in the house. Have a look at the links to see our lovely lessons for today.. .


Lesson 1- Goldilocks and the 3 bears


Lesson 2- Maths


Lesson 3- Foundation- People who help us






Good morning Reception and welcome back to Monday. Some lovely sessions for you today, attached below! 


Lesson 1- English- Making porridge


Lesson 2- Foundation- Germs


Lesson 3- Maths- Sharing between 2 groups


Lesson 4- Physical Education



Happy Friday Everyone! I hope you have had a nice week and can enjoy the sunshine this weekend. You have done so well this week. 3 more fun lessons to finish the week!


Lesson 1- Foundation- 'My face in nature'


Lesson 2- Literacy- Story Writing pt 2


Lesson 3- Maths- Investigating math's problems at home.


Check out Miss Kenyon's P.E challenge yesterday and today! -TWITTER- @roscoeprimary24


As it is Friends Friday...can you record a message for a friend or family member? Maybe write them an 'I love you' note, or, draw them a lovely picture and write their name!blushheart


Good morning parents and children...Thursday already. I hope you have enjoyed learning this week! Lets see what we have for today...


Lesson 1- Foundation- CONSTRUCTION! You will love this!


Lesson 2- Math's- After the lesson, can you challenge your child by calling out a number and asking them what is one more than or one less than? They can use their fingers to help.


Lesson 3- Literacy- pencils and paper at the ready. If you have not made your story map fro the lesson yesterday, you will need to do that one first :)





Welcome to Wednesday! 


Today's lessons and challenge...


Lesson 1- Maths- One more than.

Please find 1 more than numbers to 20 if you can confidently complete Zara's tasks to 10


Lesson 2- Foundation- This is me!

I would LOVE to see your drawings of yourself with labels!


Lesson 3- Literacy- Story Map- Dont forget to click 'next activity' after the lesson to complete the quiz and please use the sound mat I posted further down the page to form the letters correctly!


Let's have a recap of tricky words today! Can you find some tricky words in your books or magazines in your house? Can you write some rainbow words e.g. the

Try to find the following words and practise writing them...

the, she, into, was, were


Happy Tuesday to our families! 


Follow the links to today's 3 lessons. I hope you enjoyed them yesterday, I did! Please take a picture and send us any work you have done. You can send it to me on twitter @roscoeprimary33. 


Lesson 1- Math's- If you fly through today's activity, extend the numbers to 20.


Lesson 2- Foundation


Lesson 3- Literacy

 In this lesson, you might know how to read and write the sounds so go ahead and write some words beginning with this sound. Now don't forget, in our class we use Mr Mc to help us write and we start on the line and 'take off'. See the video attached for letter formation


Video example of how we form our letters-

I have attached another copy of sound boards below


As I said yesterday, our Summer 1 topic is food. I wonder if you can make one of your meals super exciting today by making a face or a picture? Just like these ones...





Welcome back Reception. Its Summer Term 1 and our new topic is Food. You will have online lessons posted here each day and some examples of phonics, exercise and topic activities on here and twitter. Please send me photos or examples of your very hard work! I know you are doing your very best!


From today, we will be using the online lessons that have been put together by the government and the BBC. Three short lessons each day should keep you busy, keep your mind active and help your brain grow and grow! 


Monday's lesson 1-


Monday's lesson 2-


Mondays lesson 3-

Week beginning 20th April

Reception- Your challenge this week (if you can get the ingredients, is to make some playdough and join in with our favourite 'Dough Disco' each morning at 9.30am…


Here is a simple recipe for making playdough at home




Flying with Phonics Friday- 'th' sound- rest your tongue between your front teeth and breadth through it to get the soft 'th' sound.

Lets focus on phonics today. We love to 'Fly with Phonics' in Roscoe Reception! 


Can you make some sound cards at home?

  • Write one letter on each piece of paper or card. Start on the line and 'take off' into your sound
  • Play 'Say the sound' where an adult quickly shows each card and child says the sound. 
  • Play 'Gotcha'- Tell the child they are looking for a particular sound and when they see that sound they have to should GOTCHA! 
  • Use the cards to make some 3 and 4 letter words. e.g. cat, pin, trap, desk. 

Work to print or ideas of activities for home

Sight word games at home πŸ₯°

I want you to sing along and say the tricky words on one of our favourite songs . Can you go through some books at home today and fi

nd the tricky words? Can you copy or write them???


Phase 2

Phase 3

Phase 4


Play 'Curtain Call' and 'Words and Wigs' on Busy to practise phase 2 and 3 high frequency words and tricky words.

(Message me for your log on and password)



Just before school closed, we were learning about 3D shapes. Learning how they are solid shapes and that they have faces :) We love this song from 'The Singing Walrus' about a cube, cone, sphere and cylinder. Can you find these shapes in your house?


The Singing Walrus- 3D Shapes…


Technology TUESDAYS! I am sooooo excited about this website PLEASE have a look and message me for your class log on! I have attached a couple of videos to show you what's on offer...







SPRING into the week today! Let's teach your children about Spring. Are you going into the garden or for a walk today? Can you look for signs of Spring? Click on the links (below)t sing some Spring songs and learn some facts. Can they draw a Spring picture? πŸŒ±πŸŒ·πŸ°πŸΈπŸ‘πŸ£πŸ›




Jack Hartman Spring Dance


What happened in Spring?







Why don't you write a letter to one of your friends that you miss, or even better...YOUR TEACHER! Remember capital letters at the beginning and a full stop at the end of your sentences. Always start writing ON the line and 'TAKE OFF' to begin your letter. 





Happy Thursday 


Check out my Twitter page for today's 'THIRSTY THURSDAY' challenge. 


For some Maths and dance today...follow the link below to join in with Thursdays Activities on 'imoves'. Today its a direction dance.


After the dance, could you and your child create a treasure map around the house or garden using or drawing the directions?



Take some time to practice your child's grip for writing and drawing...A handy little tip for a strong pencil grip is to put a pebble or small toy into their hand, that they hold with their ring and little finger while their first 2 fingers and thumb grip the pencil.



Lets get the little ones immersed in Math's today. Follow the link to access online games for counting, ordering and sequencing.



Sing along and play a game with Mr Mc's Super Power word video. Stop the video after each word and shout the word. Do you have some paper? Write the word in RAINBOW colours.